Overnight Heatless Loose Curls

I am pretty sure I didn’t invent this method of heatless curls but for those that don’t know, imma tell you how I do my hair when I can’t be bothered because it is soooo simple and effortless and who doesn’t want that? So a bit of hair background, I have really thick coloured hair […]

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Just A Thought…

The other day I went to Asda with my boyfriend and we walked past a really beautiful Muslim woman in a hijab. My boyfriend said “that’s brave of her”, we nodded and smiled at one another and I had the compelling urge to make friends. This is something that I rarely experience, being a bit […]

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Ramblings on Terrorism

What’s going on in the world right now is pretty scary and it’s bringing out the worst in some and the best in others. I’m super proud of the way my town in particular has reacted to the refugee crisis and the amount of support being shown to the areas affected by attacks of terrorism. […]

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