Sad Girls Club: Happy #DepressionAwarenessWeek

Buckle up kids because this is going to be a bumpy, rambly one. It didn’t feel right letting depression awareness week pass by without speaking up. As we all know many people suffer from depression, in a tie with anxiety it is the most common mental illness in the UK today, and those are just […]

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Getting back on track

Rambley boring foodie personal post ahoy! This last week hasn’t been great for me food wise. I went to Sheffield last weekend and indulged in some delicious grub of the greasy and cheesy variety; it has ruined me. After that I was pretty run down with the flu and food was my only comfort; suffice […]

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Let’s talk about depression

Lowering the tone of my blog now because I think it’s important to talk about mental health – no matter how gloomy. I am a long time sufferer of depression, I’m usually okay thanks to my medication and counselling that I had a while back. You can read more about how it started and how […]

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WeightWatchers Wonderings

As people may or may not know, I’m currently on a long and laborious weight loss journey. I’m reluctantly following the WeightWatchers plan to drop my first couple of stone and then I’ll probably work more on my fitness and health using regular old calorie and macro information. But until then, I’m on this “diet” […]

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