Still alive

So I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet on here as of late, so I thought I’d check in and let you know that I’m still here, I’ve not died from internalized rage (yet) and am still intent on bombarding you all with my opinions and fashion/beauty news.

The problem is that I’ve had a spot of writer’s block and I thought I’d give you all a little life update since there’ve been a few contributing factors to this. I’m not usually one to write for the sake of writing but I felt like I needed to rip the plaster off (or band-aid if you’re american).

The biggest reason why I’ve not had the mental capacity to write as much lately is because I’ve switched jobs. I’ve moved into a role where I have a lot more responsibility and emotional and mental investment. As I’m easing into the role a bit more, I’ll no doubt feel more and more inclined to write for pleasure rather than for work. This is a hugely positive step for me and I’m really enjoying my first marketing foray into the hospitality industry.

I’ve been trying to make mine and Danny’s new house into a home, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time away from screens and out in the garden or decorating. Maybe I’ll even crack the camera out and share some of this with you guys when it’s done – go easy on me, I’m new to this homebody thing.

Summertime inevitably means I spend more time out and about with friends and family, meaning I have less time to write – but more inspiration as fuel to write with.

Last but unfortunately not least, as I’m sure you will have noticed the world has been going crazy lately and I’ve had too many feelings and thoughts about all things political, race and terror to be able to articulate them properly. It’s had an effect on me and I’ve had to keep myself calm and happy using the above three points. Call it cowardly but I just haven’t had it in me to try and do any of these subjects justice, and writing about anything else just seemed insulting to anyone effected.

But I figure it’s better to say something than nothing and I’m determined not to let fear or hate silence me any longer. So whether it’s about “menial topics” like makeup or shoes or something meatier like politics – I have a right to my voice and I’m going to damn well start using it again.

6 thoughts on “Still alive

  1. I feel the same way about your last point. I have written and trashed so many drafts because I don’t know how to do any of it proper justice. I have this fear of sounding like a moron.

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  2. I have been in a funk lately too. Too much going on in the world, you are right. Sometimes it makes you want to do way less, even when the beautiful summer is in full swing. Take your time with writing, write from your heart and you will find it flowing naturally

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    1. Seems like we’re all affected by it! It just felt so petty and silly to write about pop culture or makeup but that’s a poisonous way to put down my own form of release. Thanks for the kind words, glad you understand! 😊

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