Mango Launches Ramadan Collection 2016

Mango is joining the culturally savvy hoard of brands wising up to the Muslim market, they’ve launched their new Ramadan collection aimed at keeping Muslim women looking stylish while maintaining their religious modesty during the Holy month of Ramadan.

The overall look is very summery, clean cut and feminine but with Hijab friendly co-ords like tunics, maxi dresses, maxi skirts and wraps. Fashion exists to make us feel unique and beautiful by allowing us to express ourselves in the way we look; Muslim women are no exception to this. Having been largely on the outside of what was “chic” due to restrictions of hem lengths and sleeves, it’s hugely liberating for hijab and niqab wearing women to be able to shop in mainstream stores and online outlets alongside their non Muslim counterparts.

Not only does this allow those celebrating Ramadan access to a product that is tailored especially for them but has also granted them access to the wider implications of buying into a brand: i.e a sense of brand loyalty,  community interaction and social media engagement without feeling any pressure to sacrifice their faith for acceptance. All of this is excellent for both the Muslim fashion world and for the brands themselves and should be viewed as nothing more than an incredibly positive move for globalising fashion . Simply feeling acknowledged by the fashion and retail world isn’t something any demographic should have to wait around for but I’m of the “better late than never” school of thought.

The collection launched on May 30th and is available online to all.


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