Size-Inclusive Fashion Done Right: Universal Standard

It’s not often that a “plus size” clothing brand can really nail the cool effortlessness of real girl style without coming across as contrived. I came upon  Universal Standard by complete accident while browsing the #StyleAtAnySize tag in search of sartorial inspiration. I was instantly drawn to the clean cut, edgy, sexy allure of the way the clothes were styled. All the models looked impeccably chic and didn’t have a hair out of place, the emphasis was well and truly on the garments and not on “hiding lumps and bumps” or shouting about how “curves are sexy”.

I shouldn’t have to applaud yet another thing which should be a no brainer in 2016 but Universal Standard’s racial inclusion is on point! These guys have done a great job of blurring the often all too visible line between mainstream and “otherness” in a completely natural way. Some of the bigger, more well known brands would do well to take some notes

The look and feel is very similar to the stripped back look of H&M’s more recent shoots with a touch of Warehouse styling thrown in. The most interesting thing about it is how natural the models look, it doesn’t jump out as “I’m plus sized and proud” which, as noble a message as it is, can sometimes try too hard visually and can sometimes only serve to further segregate “plus-sized” from “fashion”. You almost don’t even notice that they’re big, you’re too enamored by how cool they look and that is exactly what we want – not to be excluded for our size but also not to stick out like a sore thumb for it – we just want nice quality, shit hot clothes that fit us right. Universal Standard seems to get that and I for one am all over this brand. Here’s hoping they expand to the UK too, I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on them for sure.

<p><a href=”″>Behind The Scenes with Universal Standard</a> from <a href=””>Universal Standard</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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