Technology Will Save Us

Upon doing some digging into Topshop’s foray into wearable tech for my article on Top Pitch, I was reading  up on the business mentorship panel and stumbled across one Bethany Koby’s delightful venture. Technology Will Save Us is Koby’s own tech creation built with the purpose of engaging us in the world of tech and more specifically, actually building it. This may not sound like much fun but give their website a once over and I’ll bet you’ve already changed your mind.


The perception of tech being boring, stuffy and strictly for nerdy boys only is holding the rest of us back from a world of opportunity. Opening yourself up to learning basic techy skills like programming, engineering and coding is not only empowering but also a real hoot when you do it through TWSU. This unique service offers you DIY kits for gamers, makers and programmers: from a DIY speakers kit to “electro dough” you too can revel in getting your computer science on in style.

The East London design-led tech learning service focuses solely on play in education to make techy skills fun and cool. ‘Making things in the real world using technology provides more immediate satisfaction, emotional and intellectual awareness and a deeper understanding of the skills learned.” Says CEO Bethany Koby who prides herself on her vision of an inspired generation that see technology as a tool for solving problems and making things in a creative way.

Technology Will Save Us is an excellent way to get your kid’s tech brains switched on while sharpening your own skills in an entertaining and engaging way, not to mention the fact that the stuff you make is genuinely useful!


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