Christian Louboutin’s Nude Collection is Fighting Colourism

The whole ‘Nude’ trend always sparks a fierce debate given it’s fairly narrow spectrum of colours. ‘Nude’ would imply a shade that closely matches the skin, however up until recently there has been a flat out refusal to acknowledge that skin comes in more colours than ivory or tan. This season Christian Louboutin has made big steps in the right direction by expanding the shades of ‘nude’ to suit all skin colours and the results were quite beautiful.


For this photoshoot his iconic Salasofia ballet pumps have been reworked from a light sandy shade all the way through to a rich, dark cocoa hue. A host of styles can be found as part of his ‘nude’ collection on the Louboutin website so that this big trend can be enjoyed to its fullest by ALL women. Watch out for the #NudesForAll hashtag on social media to see how this revelation in fashion and trend is growing.


It’s high time that the fashion industry got on board with the fight against exclusion based on colour, gender, disability, sexual orientation and weight. As one of the biggest influencers in behaviour, beauty and art – getting fashion on side would be hugely advantageous to a happier society. With the expansion of what it means to go ‘nude’ in footwear, lingerie and makeup we’re definitely on the right track.

3 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin’s Nude Collection is Fighting Colourism

      1. Agreed! I think we’re on the right track at least. Inclusion is the only real way for industries to move forward now that marginalised groups have more of a voice

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