McQueen’s Digital Makeover

Alexander McQueen have gone from strength to strength despite the tragic passing of the fashion icon and founder of this luxury brand. With some of the most stunning haute couture designs known to man and some of the deepest, most meaningful narratives behind collections– it should come as no surprise that McQueen is a brand I hold dear. This is why it never fails to put a smile on my face to see the brand sore even further on their upward trajectory, no doubt making their creator incredibly proud.

So what have they done this time round? They’ve taken the decision to revamp their website to provide a better cohesion between their offline and online journeys. Aside from being absolutely stunning in its use of photography and banding, the new website is now better suited to those on mobile devices which can only be a good thing considering 60% of us prefer mobile/tablets over PCs. Along with the new site comes a new digital strategy including new exciting content being produced monthly with rich and interesting backstories behind their products. To keep the customer journey as immersive as possible, McQueen plan to implement the ability to shop directly from lookbooks rather than be redirected to a separate online store, which breaks the narrative.

A McQueen spokesperson told fashion news outlet WWD “Images and films on the Web site will be full-bled and richer, which enhances the viewing experience and offers audience a better view and insight to the collections. Visitors can also shop directly from look books or product sections and reserve items online to collect in store. They can also book appointments for bespoke services at Savile Row, ensuring that we are offering an omnichannel experience.” I think we can all agree that the site is beautiful, simplistic and seamless, allowing nothing to get in the way of the brand’s story and message.


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