Stuff that happens when you have curly hair

Totally inspired by onlybadchi’s curly hair post a while back. I thought I’d share some of the common problems I face with my own curly mane:


Some hair dressers will get angry because you have so much hair (this actually happens to me)


“Use a pea sized amount” of anything…


When you try the “just wash and go” styles that you see on Pinterest


…because in reality you have to factor in two hours to wash, dry and style your hair


…but sometimes you just can’t be bothered


…so you fall asleep when it’s wet and wake up like this


You run out of conditioner way faster than shampoounfair.gif

Brushing your hair in the morning requires serious upper body strength


Sometimes you might even consider doing this


People call you things like “exotic”, “wild” and “bohemian”


People question your ethnicity all the time


When people with “wash and go” hair say they are jealous of your locks


People think it’s cool to touch your hair and *ping* your curls


Your “big spoon” always ends up inhaling your hair in their sleep


This is what your shower wall looks like


But it’s not all bad, there are a lot of bonuses to having curly hair.

You don’t have to brush your hair, you can simply run your fingers through it to detangle


It’s fun to play with


Your hair actually looks good when you air dry it – especially after a beach day  (NOT sleep on it wet as I frequently do)


Studies show you’re 98% more likely to be a boss ass bitch



7 thoughts on “Stuff that happens when you have curly hair

  1. Hi! I just started blogging again and have only written two posts at this time, but am hoping I can get people to take a look at them to perhaps give me any pointers on how to improve my posts! I would love it if you would take a look for me!

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  2. This was great! My sister has the curly hair while mine is wavy. My shower though looks like that pic after I am done! Thick hair plus it falls out a lot!

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