It’s a Heist!

Tights wearers of the world: I know you will feel my pain when I say these words: poorly placed gusset, ladders, holes, itchy seams. Have you ever sat there and thought about how rubbish tights actually are? When you tally up the things that are wrong with them it’s pretty shocking how awful they are in terms of functionality. They constantly tear, the waistbands are either too loose and baggy or too short and sit awkwardly under my paunch giving me a tasty tray of muffins to try and arrange under my clothes. The crotch in tights always twists and ends up on my inner thigh somehow which results in a lot of jumping around like some sort of crazed one legged cricket, the pain of getting the seam right on your ingrown toenail and not being able to do anything about it all day is not the one.

It’s about time someone created something better surely – I said to myself one day. Turns out there is a designer brand of hosiery called Heist by tights genius Edzard van der Wyck that manages to alleviate all of the above woes. This brand of tights HAS NO SEAMS! Well, except for under the base of the foot where you won’t even notice! How good is that? And they are sewn with over a 5000 thread count meaning they are really soft and you can choose how high you want your waistband to be to avoid aforementioned paunchtastic displays! You guys I am so excited about this.

When are they available? Now, from their website. They don’t come cheap at around £19 a pop but if you think about how much you’d spend on packs of 60 denier tights that then rip and go straight in the bin – it’s a worthwhile investment. Check out this stunning stocking based photography in the meantime:

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