Balmain Brought Super Back

Everyone is using this new year thing to spawn all kinds of crazy and wonderful campaigns and Balmain are no exception. Although what they are doing is exceptionally interesting as they’ve chosen to reunite the infamous “Supers”. This model super group comes in the form of Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford for their SS16 campaign. Why is this a big deal? Well for starters they were the holy trinity of the fashion world in the 90s, they made “supermodel” a desirable profession and went on to do great things – showing that successful modelling wasn’t for dummies. They held so much gravitas that if they appeared in your campaign, you were winning, even if your clothes were shit. Although let’s face it they wouldn’t be seen dead in shit clothes.

On a slightly deeper note – yet still in a somewhat superficial way- Balmain are making a statement about young and new not always meaning better, this is a pretty big deal in fashion. Suki Waterhouse? No thanks. Cara DeLevingne? Meh. Supers? Now you’re talking. They are all in their mid to late 40s and all look absolutely fabulous. This might not seem very impressive as they do very much still fit the stereotype of a supermodel – although they essentially were the pioneers of said stereotype and are all self-made women, as a feminist I can’t fault that… It’s easy to forget there was once a very dark time where brands wouldn’t touch anybody over the age of 25 which thankfully we seem to have passed – I see this as a step in the right direction of inclusion in the fashion world.

Back to the surface level: the photographs are incredible, famed photographer Steve Klein hasn’t failed to deliver the wow-factor here. The use of tone and shadows is really powerful and our Supers look larger than life thanks to smart angles – almost like monuments draped in Balmain rather than mere people. The collection itself is exactly what you would expect from Balmain, perfect in every way conceivable. Dramatic and dark with its heavyweight fabrics and complex weaves but still relatively easy to wear despite the high level of detail. I’m pretty much Balmain till I die basically – now to get the money to afford some!

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