M&S Are Back In The Game

Daaaaaamn. M&S are back in the fashion game it seems. Remember how once upon a time they were the golden brand who could do no wrong? They’ve maintained their status of the “posh supermarket” and their prices certainly reflect this – but why have we not heard much about Per Una or M&S fashion lately? There was a time when ‘How To Look Good Naked’ could air a single episode without mentioning Marks and Sparks and you certainly couldn’t look at Glamour or Cosmo without it being featured somewhere or other. Their fashion ads were iconic and used to have audiences looking forward to the ad break (well…that might just be me). So what happened? Why did their clothing sales drop by 5% this Christmas? Some argue the overuse of celebrities  in their ads had become tedious but I’m not convinced.

They’ve had a bit of a rejig as it happens, their old Chief Exec Marc Bolland has stepped down and brand new shiny Steve Rowe has stepped up and as these pictures from their latest Lookbook clearly display, they are bringing it.

It’s all so beautiful and dreamy girly but still sophisticated and sexy all at the same time! I’m really looking forward to shopping this collection and as you can expect with Marks and Spencers, it will all be of impeccable quality and really well made – a characteristic that’s really hard to find at an affordable price these days. I’m interested in what they are going to do with this beautiful subject in terms of advertising and marketing…

What do you guys think? Is Marksies trendy again?

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