New Year Update

Just a quick post to say I hope you’ve all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, I’ve been awfully quiet for the past month just because the madness of the festive period required pretty much all of my free time. However I will be doing some picture posts soon as I realised how text heavy this blog has been as of late, my visual creative skills aren’t getting much exercise and that needs to change.

In terms of a life update: I am still moving house but no longer have the house we thought we’d secured, so that’s all up in the air. My contract at work has been extended which is great but not as great as being made permanent. I’m really unwell with a chest infection and cold that has lasted 6 weeks, I finally caved and got myself some antibiotics so should be on the mend soon.

On the upside the prospect of a fresh clean slate in the form of 2016 excites me, there’s a lot I want to do this year and I’m delighted to share with you my plans for this year:

Getting my health in check

Looking after myself better so that this endless queue of germs stand less of a chance at affecting me so much. My mental health could use some TLC too as I’ve just been so busy I’ve just been popping pills and ignoring the fact that I need to nurture a healthier thought process.

Losing some weight

This ties in with my health as I’ve been suffering with chronic pain for the past six months and easing some of the strain on my bones can never be a bad thing. Plus who doesn’t want a new weight loss wardrobe?! I’m not big on making numerical goals but let’s just say I want to get back to the size I was in my first year of uni which wasn’t skinny by any means.

Taking more pictures

I have some serious catching up to do with all the shoot ideas I’ve had and I have some beautiful models in mind that I’ve wanted to get creative with for a long time. I really want to share my visual side with you all, I see all your beautiful photographs and get inspired by you every time I log on and I’d love to be able to inspire in return. Having my own space is a necessity for this though which brings me to my next point.

Moving out!

Due to a ridonk amount of getting fucked around this still hasn’t happened and that has to change. This will be a huge weight off my shoulders and having our own space pretty much sets us up for achieving so much more out of life.

Be more creative

Creativity is fuel for my happiness and in turn my happiness fuels my creativity, my job is great but is nowhere near as creative as I’d like it to be. While still working here I need to supplement some of that creative deficit using my spare time a bit more productively. Ideally after this contract is up I’ll get a more creative somewhere and be able to build my career a little bit more in 2016.

Visit my friends more

I’ve been more anti-social than ever this year which is probably down to my poor health and constantly working and trying to move out. This has eaten up a lot of time, money and energy but I need to cut this shit out and enjoy my friendships a bit more.

Make more animal friendly choices

By this I mean eating vegan on a weekly basis at least. Going vegan for just one day a week ( which I plan to exceed) has a huge impact on the environment as it saves water, fuel, electricity as well as saving a few lives. Not to mention vegan food is extremely tasty and the sense of accomplishment I feel from patching together a tasty vegan meal is a really nice feeling.

What changes would you like to make in 2016?

2 thoughts on “New Year Update

  1. I want to run a whole 5k not just walk most of it. I’d also like to take more pictures. Continue making great memories with my family and friends. Move in with my boyfriend. Things like that!

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