LUSH Happy Happy Joy Joy Review

So I tried Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner after managing to snag myself a bargain over Depop because I would never have gone for it had it been full price! At £9.50 for 100ml, it’s pretty steep. Nevertheless I was keen to see what the huge price tag was all about so I managed to snap a 250ml bottle up in a bundle for next to nothing. This product describes itself as conditioning hair perfume packed with almond milk and jojoba oil to nourish the hair while coating it with the gorgeous scent of rose, grapefruit and neroli. It does smell gorgeous but upon opening it I was a little concerned by how runny this product was, I should have known then that this would be no match for my thirsty locks.

After shampooing with Godiva solid shampoo bar I squeezed out a handful of Happy Happy to discover that it was a very similar consistency to actual milk, which was pretty difficult to transfer onto my hair without losing a large amount of it down the plughole. After some fiddling about I decided that pouring it directly onto my hair seemed like the least wasteful option but even then it didn’t feel like there was anything on my hair. I persevered as I’ve had this same experience with American Cream before falling head over heels for it and tried my hardest not to pre-judge.

The smell was absolutely divine and belongs to the same scent family as Yes Yes Yes massage bar and Godiva with a largely floral and fruity scent that was indeed very perfumey. I left this on my hair for the duration of my shower and went out of my way to kill time by scrubbing myself with various concoctions and using a body conditioner as well, after 10 minutes of faff I was ready to go about my business so I washed it off. I was pretty disappointed to find that my hair didn’t feel as though it had been conditioned at all, it smelled great but it was just a bit dry as though I’d not really put anything on it.

I began the process of waiting for my hair to dry but I honestly couldn’t stand the way my hair felt, again it did smell gorgeous but it just felt really tangled and dry. My hair obviously needs more richness from a conditioner as it’s quite dry naturally anyway so I went back in the shower and used some of the colour conditioner that came with my Vidal Sassoon hair dye which rectified the dryness issue like a dream. I still wanted to get the benefits of Happy Happy so I squirted a little more on my hair after conditioning it properly, I found that this gave much better results as it seemed to add shine and scent over the layer of moisture I’d just added into the mix.

To summarise I think I would only use Happy Happy Joy Joy either as a leave in conditioner or as a shine/scent booster after using a proper conditioner. In my opinion this doesn’t belong in the conditioner section as it is more of a perfume and shine booster than a conditioning treatment and I wouldn’t advise spending that amount of money on something that doesn’t deliver its sole purpose. Having said that, if you have fine hair this might work a lot better for you than it did for me, the scent may last longer in hair that is more easily penetrable as well so if you’re after a strongly scented conditioner that is very mild then this is probably the one for you. I also had a stroke of genius when I thought of using it as a leave in conditioner to revive day old mid sections and ends, it really works quite well in this area so if anybody has bought Happy Happy and don’t find that it fills the shoes of a conditioner you might want to put it to use on dry hair.

Edit: My hair doesn’t get greasy very quickly at all and I found that after using this on top of a conditioner, my roots appeared to be getting greasier quicker, perhaps use sparingly if you have fine or oily hair!

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