Lush Guardian of the Forest Review

I really wasn’t expecting to like Guardian of the Forest as much as I did. In fact I think it’s made it up there with Intergalactic, Shoot For The Stars, Fizzbanger and Lord of Misrule as a favourite ballistic. To tell you the truth I only bought it out of my bizarre need to try everything that Lush has to offer even if I’m certain I won’t like it. This situation is just proof that you shouldn’t ever assume that you don’t like something without trying it first because I am so glad I bought Guardian of the Forest  and will certainly be repurchasing it.

I originally only added it to my basket because I wanted to create some sort of Garden scented bath by using GotF  alongside a Rose Jam bubbleroon, Happy Blooming bath melt and a homemade minty bath melt. I’m not a lover of grass scented products so the Tramp line that Lushies are so fond of has never made it into my basket before as I really don’t like the smell. I expected GotF to be no different but I’ll admit I was really drawn in by its beautiful exterior so I clicked buy and hoped for the best. When my Lush order arrived I was greeted with an extremely sweet aroma with an all too familiar sharp edge of foliage that dampened the menagerie of scents somewhat. My Lord of Misrule ballistic was completely masked by GotF which is pretty rare as LoM has a tendency to outscent any competition.

As the scent mellowed in my bedroom for a couple of weeks I began to like it more and more, it reminded me of something that I just couldn’t place! Last night I took a Secret Garden inspired bath featuring the above products and was still dubious about GotF. After allowing my Rose Jam, Happy Blooming and Minty Tea water to infuse, I found that Rose Jam was by far the most dominant scent  with a light minty kick – Happy Blooming was nowhere to be found. I almost didn’t want to mask the Rosey Citrus scent with the assumed grassy death of GotF but I fought my instincts and went for it. I was pretty much right in thinking that Guardian would blow any other scents out of the water but what I wasn’t expecting was how much I loved it.

Once this ballistic hits the water the bitter scent that most of the grassy products have was immediately indistinguishable and the sweetness in this ballistic spewed out in a vibrant display of greens and yellows. It occurred to me then what the smell was; it was identical to those scented Crayola crayons I used to use as a child! Did anyone else have those?! I recall there being a leather smell for black, an earth smell for brown, rose for red and low and daffodil for yellow – GotF was like a mashup of all of those! I had such a nostalgic moment in that tub, taking in the incredibly sweet, grassy, almost pea scent that this ballistic produced. And the spectacle it produced was something else entirely. Gorgeous deep leafy green interspersed with vibrant highlighter green and finally a golden yellow centre that featured a hefty amount of glitter.

This was quite a slow fizzer, which I personally enjoy quite a lot . As a very visual person I’m the sort of person that likes to watch what the ballistics do as they hit the water before I get in but on the other hand I equally love to feel the fizzing of it on my skin so I get to do both with this one. As with most bath bombs from Lush the most attractive bit usually comes as the end so it was a lovely surprise to get such a beautiful slug of green and gold glitter at the end. After the bath bomb had dissolved away the water had turned a lovely deep green seaweed colour which could have possibly been hampered by the pinkness of the Rose Jam and Happy Blooming combo. Overall I give this a solid 9/10 which is something I never thought I’d give a grass scented product! Check out my Instagram @___fievre for videos.

What are your favourite Lush products? Is there anything you’d like me to review? Please someone tell me you had scented crayons too and I’m not imagining it?!

4 thoughts on “Lush Guardian of the Forest Review

    1. Hey Hannah, the lavender in Twilight is quite herby so I imagine you’d enjoy this one if you’re into that sort of smell. For me Twilight is a classic, the malty sweetness is what does it for me. If it weren’t for that I don’t think I’d be a fan as lavender isn’t usually my thing!

      You can get Guardian of the Forest online 🙂


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