Let’s talk about depression

Lowering the tone of my blog now because I think it’s important to talk about mental health – no matter how gloomy. I am a long time sufferer of depression, I’m usually okay thanks to my medication and counselling that I had a while back. You can read more about how it started and how […]

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I Scream For Ice Cream

I bought an ice cream maker. I always liked the idea of making my own ice cream and sorbets as I often find myself tucking into a bowl of the cold stuff and wishing they’d added some chilli to a decadent chocolate or a little sea salt into a praline. Now I can make them as […]

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My Three Step Perfect Base

I’ve grown quite proud of my ability to create a smooth workable base as a canvas for the rest of my makeup. I’m not a professional makeup artist and I don’t think my way will suit everybody but it works wonders for me and manages to stick around for nights out so I thought I’d […]

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