Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb Review

I knew this was a popular Christmas ballistic from Lush but I’d never felt the urge to try it because it seemed so similar to Intergalactic. But during my epic trip to Lush Oxford Street I thought I’d give it a go, certain I’d be underwhelmed. Welp. I was wrong! I may have tempted fate into making this bath even better by adding a Double Vitality bath oil to the mix which was absolute heaven!

The lemony, minty, vanillary sweet scent of the bath oil set a fantastic (and very pink!) stage for Shoot For The Stars and if any of you are frequenting Lush Oxford Street anytime over the holidays I urge you give this cocktail a go. I’m a very aesthetics oriented person, so a ballistic always wins brownie points with me if it creates a beautiful nebula in my bathwater, Shoot For The Stars did not disappoint in this arena. If any of you follow me on Instagram you would have seen for yourself! (@___fievre for those who are interested). This one was a relatively slow fizzer and did that thing that bath bombs sometimes do where it turned into a big blob of foam rather than spin around like a catherine wheel – I believe this is down to the cream of tartar? Anyway I was a little “meh” to begin with but then it started to get some movement in it and whizzed around my tub leaving a purple blue trail in its wake. After a while the water settled into a glorious deep sparkly purple – I suspect it would have been more blue had I not used Double Vitality as well.

So pretty!
So pretty!

In terms of scent this scores top marks as well, a really nice musky vanilla with a hint of something herby – very similar to Honey I Washed The Kids. My bathroom filled with the sweet musky toffee scent as soon as the ballistic hit the water and lasted the whole way through. I could even detect the scent on my skin hours after which is pretty rare! Although Shoot For The Stars definitely kicked Double Vitality’s ass as it is without a doubt the more dominant scent, I still got uplifting menthol and sweet lemon on the tailend of the rich vanilla toffee. I was incredibly soft after this bath and emerged thoroughly moisturized, I didn’t even use a massage bar or lotion afterwards and I still feel soft as ever the next day.

All in all this was an extremely pleasurable experience and I would recommend this to anybody who loves sweet dessert-like scents. 10/10.

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