Osmo Wonder 10 Treatment Review

I got a set of Osmo haircare for my birthday last year and I can’t speak highly enough of this line. As a salon brand it is obviously a little over the price range of what most people pay for hair care but if you’re really looking to give your thirsty locks a drink then there really is no price on healthy shiny hair in my opinion. I have repurchased since using up my birthday stash and have been thoroughly impressed with the results.


Time for a sad story about the little scalp that just couldn’t…it has a happy ending though. Upon the realisation that my hair would just not grow past my chin while still being stripped of its colour at the roots every couple of months I gave up on the bleach and made the painful and ugly decision to grow out the white blonde whilst hiding under wigs for a year while my dark roots grew and grew. After well and truly battering my poor follicles during my teens with a number of questionable decisions involving bleach, my hair is finally in good shape again and is actually growing! Two years on and my hair is totally thriving, it’s shiny and thick and still as unmanageable as ever (I don’t think that will ever change!) but I’m finally happy with it. I can categorically chalk a good amount of its growth up to Osmo Berber Oil shampoo, conditioner and best of all the Wonder 10 Leave-in Treatment.

My very damaged and partially fake hair
My very damaged and partially fake hair

This bottle of spray is pretty fucking potent so don’t go overboard, particularly if you have fine hair, if you have thick or dry hair this will be your friend. Enriched with Keratin and oils to condition, smooth and add shine this bad boy is designed to be left on the hair so in theory it shouldn’t weigh you down at all but still, go easy. After the first use I found my hair shinier, softer and my split ends looked reduced. I didn’t need to wrestle with my brush to try to detangle the ferocious beast that is my hair nearly as much as I usually would. It even offers thermal protection to your locks so you don’t need to add any sprays before blowdrying or straightening. I’m generally pretty dubious about a lot of hair products because I find that “softening, shine inducing and detangling” treatments do little for my thick curly Arabian hair so this means a lot okay?

Rare photo of hair in its natural state
Rare photo of hair in its natural state

So yeah this is basically just me harping on about how great Osmo Wonder 10 is and I’m gonna shut up now because all this positivity is so uncharacteristic it’s making me sick. I’m also not being paid to say any of this unfortunately, I know the blogosphere is pretty keen to jump to that conclusion when a review is good.

Bottom line: if you’re struggling with your hair, try Wonder 10.

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