LUSH Nightwing Shower Jelly Review

A visit to the wonderful city of London last weekend obviously resulted in a Lush Oxford Street trip, I had completely forgotten than the Lush Winter and Halloween ranges are brought out on a limited edition basis a couple of weeks prior to the rest of the world getting a glimpse so this served as a wonderful surprise. I ended up having a bit of an unplanned splurge on all the limited edition goodies one of which was Nightwing Shower Jelly. As a bit of a self-proclaimed goth, I loved the little bat design and the inky blue colour of this little guy.


When I opened the tub up and took a whiff I was greeted by the most delicious smelling shower jelly I’ve ever sniffed! The glorious sharp punch in the face of lime mixed with a candy-ish sweetness not too dissimilar to lime and blackcurrant fruit pastilles was too much to resist and I had to get him. I promised myself I would only buy one shower jelly and it was a toss up between this one and Santa’s Belly (more on that later), although the latter was equally as tasty – Nightwing was just more “me” as cliché as that sounds.

So now on to the practicality of this jelly. Once the lust at first sight subsided, I noticed that this jelly was very leaky and wet as though it has sweated out some of its inky colour, a little bit of which dribbled out onto the bed and stained it slightly so be careful folks. As much as I love the novelty shaped jellies, I do find them even more tricky to hang on to that the regular kind yet I couldn’t bring myself to cube him up into single use pieces because of how darn cute he is. I’m also notoriously not a shower jelly cuber, I usually take the whole block and freeze it before rubbing it over my skin in the shower. I find the jellies a lot easier to hang on to this way and personally find that rubbing them onto a loofah or shower puff defeats the object somewhat – personal opinion lushies, don’t hate!

So after realising I had to proceed with care and not having the patience to wait for him to freeze, I grabbed Nightwing and rubbed him all over –this is beginning to sound rude so I’ll stop referring to him as a him now. The lather produced was quite impressive albeit blue, I found I didn’t have to wrestle with this one quite as much to get a nice lather out of this jelly and I was surprised to find how moisturising this was in comparison to other jellies. My skin felt nourished and pampered and the smell lingered for a little while after rinsing off. Sharing its scent with Calacas – except less boozy- I think the smell could be accelerated by using the two together. If only there was a Calacas/Nightwing lotion and I could smell like a lime sweet all day.

Hand on heart this is the only Halloween item that I would keep as part of their staple range and I hope to see Nightwing scented items make an appearance in the Kitchen as well. Unfortunately I think the leakiness is a bit of an issue amongst other lushies so I’m doubtful this will even happen. If you get a chance to buy this little critter and are a fan of lime then I would recommend Nightwing absolutely.

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