LUSH Party On Shower Jelly Review

I’ll admit it. I was drawn to this shower jelly by its luminous colour and I ended up smelling with my eyes again. I expected this to smell limey and fresh and a little minty, alas I was met with an entirely unexpected scent of Olbas oil and liquorice. Neither of which are scents that I would normally want to wash with but I gave it a shot anyway.

Shower jellies are a novelty format of shower gel with added carrageenan seaweed to soften and cleanse the skin. My favourite way of using them is to just use the whole thing to wash with, as you would a bar of soap. With certain jellies (usually the fruitier ones) I like to freeze them so they firm up a little bit. It’s perfect after a long hot day or right after a workout. I didn’t feel the need to do that with Party On as I found it to be quite an assault on the senses as it was.

Resurrected by the Kitchen from their retro range, Party On is supposed to get you feeling fresh and ready for a night out – I can’t imagine wanting to use this pungent jelly before leaving the house but I might feel inclined to use this if I was a little under the weather and needed shocking back to life. It does have a slight cooling sensation on the skin which is nice if you’re feeling a little peaky and need waking up. I didn’t find it lathered particularly well, nor did it make my skin that soft. Unfortunately I just have very little to say about this jelly! If you like menthol, liquorice and eucalyptus then knock yourself out with this one. I can certainly see why so many people are swapping these. In the realm of herbal, pungent scents I much prefer that of 93,000 Miles and Wiccy Magic Muscles!

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