It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Autumn! Where Halloween takes centre stage and being fashionable becomes a possibility for me again. Anyone who knows me will know that I do not know how to do summer clothing. As a larger lady I find that the typical shorts and crop tops that surface over the summer months just aren’t a good look for me! So I rejoice when wearing thick woolly tights and faux fur lined coats becomes acceptable again – not that I think larger ladies should in any way cover themselves up so as not to offend the fatshamers of the world, it’s just that I personally don’t look good in booty shorts and crop tops. I have a bit of a thing for textures, layering and luxurious looks like faux fur, feathers, fluffy knits and leather. I often gravitate more towards gothic, darker looks and this just doesn’t really work in hotter weather and I find that I don’t really knowing what to do with myself.

Falling leaves, cold misty mornings and the emergence of jewel tones spells trouble for my bank account as I just can’t resist these gorgeous autumn lines! As usual I’ve been doing my fair share of salivating over what my favourite shops had to offer, in a feeble attempt to stave off my need to spend all my hard earned cash on pretty things I thought I’d put all my inspiration for my new wardrobe into a post.


I’m so excited that knitwear is back again and that our necks can once again be concealed by polo necks and scarves. That’s not all we’re wrapping in wool- knitted leggings, skirts and dresses are all fair game here. Look no further than Sonia Rykiel and Missoni for the very best in knitting. Here are some of my favourite bundled up knitwear looks:

Taken from the lovely MakeMeUpMarie
Harper’s Bazaar NYFW Streetstyle
Sonia Rykiel Fall 2015


Missoni AW 2015
Missoni AW 2015


There is a knack to this so that you don’t end up looking like the Michelin man. You have to strike a balance between figure hugging base items layered with chunkier ones. For example one of my favourite autumn looks is a sleeveless shift/skater dress over a long sleeved turtle neck top with a long line knitted waist coat and scarf on top. River Island and Zara have this one down in their lookbooks, although personally I find this one to be particularly good for incorporating vintage finds into an up to date trend.

Mane Look from ASOS #AsSeenOnMe
Zara AW 2015
Zara AW 2015
Zara AW 2015

Texture Party

This is all about fun. We are always taught that textures and patterns shouldn’t clash and that it’s better to be safe than sorry – fuck that is what I say. Want to wear knitwear with leather? Go for it. Faux fur with ponte texture? Knock yourself out. Autumn allows you to do this for some reason! It may sound a little wacky and risky but seriously check out how these badass bitches did it:

fashion.fullstop from ASOS #AsSeenOnMe
through_my_wardrobe from ASOS #AsSeenOnMe
Harper’s Bazaar NYFW Streetstyle
Super Size My Fash

Autumn Tones

Everyone on the highstreet and designer circuit it working these changing leaves colours into their collections. If you would see it in a pile of dead leaves, it’s hot. Burnt orange, camel, beige, maroon and khaki are where it’s at:

zesotfashion from ASOS #AsSeenOnMe
The Ruth Way from ASOS #AsSeenOnMe
naomirowland from ASOS #AsSeenOnMe feed
ASOS #AsSeenOnMe feed

What are some of your favourite Autumn looks?

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