60’s & 70’s Revival

Swingin’ sixties and groovy seventies styles are HUGE this season. I’m a bit of an era vulture in the sense that I am just drawn to anything from these two revolutionary decades almost without regard to taste so I am obviously over the moon! This trend has made it from catwalk to high street without […]

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Lush NEW! Shampoo Bar Review

I’ve only recently began using the magic that is the shampoo bar in the past three months. I’ve mentioned a little bit about the dark red mess of hair that plagues me so and as a result of having difficult hair I wasn’t sure how well these SLS heavy bars would work with my thick […]

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Pretty in Pleats

Pleats are back for Autumn! If you thought it was the season of the trouser and jeans, you thought wrong. I for one couldn’t be happier to be donning my comfort zone of skirts, thick tights and boots but for those who aren’t so thrilled to have another season of leg bearing styles fear not. […]

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