Hurraw! Lip Balm Review

I found this little beauty in Planet Organic while browsing the beauty section looking for something to really moisturise my, then, chapped lips. I’m a sucker for smells and colours as much as the actual practicality of the product so I was immediately drawn to these colour rich incredibly fresh looking balms. Yes, I judged the book by its cover once again but it pretty much paid off. Being a lover of cherry flavoured, coloured, scented anything I was drawn to the rich claret of this balm. When I took a whiff I knew I had to buy it, this smells like straight up cherry juice and it glides on like a dream.

After falling in love in the shop I wondered if this new found love would last past the honeymoon stage. I am pleased to tell you, dear readers, that we’re still going strong. My lips are smoother and plumper than ever and often tinted a nice berry shade. Why does this lip balm manage to trump others of its kind? The clue is in the name. Made with organic, raw Montana Flathead cherries and a blend of nourishing oils and butters including jojoba, sweet almond and cocoa seed: this balm is pretty much as natural and nourishing as it gets. Their brand ethos is one that resonates with me as it is completely cruelty free and supports organic local farmers, not to mention their insanely cute packaging.

When I use up my black cherry I’ll probably invest in their Moon Balm, which is an intense overnight treatment balm which includes soothing chamomile blue, rosehip oil, avocado oil and the “liquid gold” that is argan oil. If I’m honest I’ll be astonished if I manage not to buy the whole lot as the range of scents smell absolutely delicious. Vanilla bean, lime and earl grey are on my wishlist for sure. You can get these at most health shops or they are easily found online and are very reasonably priced indeed. Has anybody else tried Hurraw! Balms?

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