LUSH Blueberry Smoothie Roulade Review

After my last ordeal with the lush smoothie roulade I was determined to like this format. I decided The Enzymic was just not for me as it smelled so earthy and medicinal, not at all like the pineapples and kiwis it professes to be “packed with”. I also found it to be quite drying and made my skin feel really tight. So if I found it so unpleasant why am I doing it to myself again? Well, because I am giving my all time favourite cosmetics brand the benefit of the doubt! Just because I don’t like a smell or formula doesn’t mean it’s bad. My decidedly fruitier and more moisturising Blueberry Roulade came in the post yesterday, the gorgeous purple hue meant that once again I ended up smelling with my eyes. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s almost impossible not to do this with Lush products as they are so beautiful!

Alas, the product being so beautiful has left me disappointed once again as the smell was really medicinal and pungent and not fruity at all. This one was a little bit more moisturising than its predecessor but I was just really unhappy with the smell it left on my skin. I didn’t find this one so easy to use either as it was really lumpy and I found that I lost a lot of it down the plughole as it was hard to hold on to. It wasn’t so much washing yourself with it as just pressing it onto your wet skin and moving it around trying not to let it fall – not quite the same. I imagine all the berries and debris in the smoothie prevented it from being quite so smooth which I wouldn’t usually mind but that paired with the smell was a pretty rubbish showering experience.

My optimism from my last roulade review has worn off and I doubt very much that I’ll be trying another smoothie in this format. Again, my recommendation is that If you like blueberry and fruity smells and expect your blueberry shower roulade to smell as such, then don’t buy this. Furthermore I wasn’t happy with the plastic wrap it came in again – not really on brand or very environmentally friendly. Here’s the real question…what can I do with my Enzymic and Blueberry roulades now? Anybody got any Lush DIY ideas for what I can turn these into?

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