Food discovery: Five Guys

Okay okay, so I’m usually more into somewhat healthier or more culturally interesting foods but while down in London for a well overdue visit I gave in to “the hype” and had to try a Five Guys. People harp on about this place so much and I wanted to see what the fuss was about – so I went into the Kingston branch on a whim hoping to be wowed. Boy was I wowed. The menu is incredibly simple and to the point, it became clear to me that while they don’t do a lot, the small amount of food that they offer is cooked to perfection.

I went for the double cheeseburger which set me back a good £8 and I had it with pickles, tomatoes, red onion, lettuce, mayo and ketchup. Thought I’d stay in line with their brand and keep it simple and to the point. I ordered a “little fries” and a refillable soft drink to go along with it – let’s be abundantly clear that when they say little, it ain’t. I didn’t even finish half of these fries because I was too full so if anyone else is planning on visiting Five Guys – please don’t even think about getting a large fries as a side.

I need to talk to you about these refillable drinks because I was really impressed with the selection that is offered. They have these huge red postmix Coca-Cola machine that somehow has managed to fit over 100 drinks inside it, considering you pay £2.50 for this large cup, you could sample every single one on offer if you wanted to which I consider to be great value for money. Using the touch screen pad I chose to browse drinks by flavour – being a lover of fruit sodas I went for Still Grape Fanta followed by a Cherry Vanilla Coke. This is a really fun attraction to have in a fast food outlet and I can really see why kids love it there.

I won’t sugar coat it, the food is bloody expensive and none of it is good for you. My burger alone packed a whopping 23 WeightWatchers points but it’s totally worth it. If you view this place as any other fast food restaurant then you will come away feeling ripped off. But it’s just not the case – these are gourmet burgers and fries served to you in a traditional American diner fashion: foil wrapping, brown paper bag and all. The patties were well seasoned – something that many other burger eateries seem to fall short with- with a good meat content and nice and chunky unlike the bizarrely smooth McDonalds burgers. The cheese was the plastic processed American cheese that one would expect but it complimented the meat perfectly. The sharp tanginess of the gherkins, red onion and tomato countered the creaminess of the cheese really well and the flavours were so well balanced. I can categorically say that this is the best burger I have ever eaten – and I am a hard lady to please where burgers are concerned. I almost never order them for fear of being bitterly disappointed as I have been so many times before but I really can’t find a single flaw with this.

The fries are interestingly very rustic, I was expecting skinny French fries for some reason. These bad boys still had their skins on and had been double fried in peanut oil which gave them a slightly nutty, sweet flavour. The crisp on them was incredible and I’m only sad that I could only stomach a quarter of them. You get the option to have Cajun seasoning on them which packs quite the spicy punch. I’ve since discovered that you can get any of the burger toppings on these fries and I think I would go for this to add even more decadence. I’m not a huge lover of fries but these were extraordinarily good – I really didn’t mind the price tag at all because I really felt like I was eating real food for a change and not vacuum packed “just add water” beef. As if I hadn’t already screwed up my diet enough in this one meal I decided to get a milkshake as I’ve heard stories about these magical thick shakes. Being someone who isn’t particularly tolerant to dairy this was a huge risk but I just had to sample one of these – the flavours alone were really varied and the offer of free “mix-ins” was too much to ignore. I decided to keep it simple and had the Cherry shake, upon ordering I was offered the addition of bacon in my milkshake. I politely declined the offer to put meat in my sweet fruity shake but it got me thinking…is that a thing? Has anyone ever tried this?

Anyway, I really wanted to hate Five Guys because they are so hyped up and because in general I don’t really like to eat fast food – unfortunately I absolutely loved it and would recommend it to anybody who is a fan of the American diner-esque experience.

2 thoughts on “Food discovery: Five Guys

  1. I love five guys, it’s soooo good! I am American though haha but so happy to hear it’s out there as well so you can enjoy its amazing glory! 🙂


    1. Haha dude you people know how to cook a burger! I’ve never had better. Unfortunately I feel an extremely unhealthy obsession building as I can’t stop thinking about that milkshake :’) x


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