LUSH American Cream Review

American Cream is a staple hair product that many use religiously as part of their daily hair regimen. I believe the smell has a lot to do with this as it’s pretty damn delicious. It smells like powdered strawberry milkshake but is nowhere near as potent as other Lushies make out, at least I didn’t find it to be overpoweringly sweet. In terms of performance as a thick moisturising conditioner, I didn’t actually find that it did very much to my hair! The first two times I used it I was bitterly disappointed as I didn’t feel like my hair felt as though I’d put anything on it, the smell was pretty flimsy and didn’t stay on my hair at all. Not to mention that I found the consistency a little watery and I had to use my entire 100g bottle in two uses! After my initial disappointment in the product wore off, like many before it, I discarded it as a conditioner that simply was no match for me and my thick curly mixed-race hair.

Fastforward a couple of weeks and I’m pre-drinking before a night out with a lady friend and she’s styling her hair and swishing it about near me and I catch this familiarly milkshakey scent…Low and behold she had used American Cream that morning. This particular friend has naturally sleek, shiny hair and the conditioner had done wonders for boosting that shine even more and making it silky soft. Unable to let it go by just chalking it down to a difference in hair texture, I decided to give mine another shot. This time instead of using the heavily cinnamon scented stimulating ‘New!’ shampoo bar from Lush, I went for a gentler and more softening offering in the ‘Godiva’ cocoa butter packed shampoo bar instead. This small switch up made all the difference as a day later I can still catch the odd whiff of creamy goodness. Although I definitely did have to use a second round of Osmo conditioner after American Cream to get that ultra soft feeling I so deeply crave. I don’t think I would make it a part of my regular routine as its moisturising properties are not really up to scratch where my thirsty hair is concerned.

I think it would be something I’d use from time to time when I fancy a little extra treat for my locks – the long and short of it is that I would buy this again but probably not that often and only because it smells nice and gives off a good shine so a little bit of a novelty purchase. If you have fine hair then I think this product would suit you very well, it did wonders for my friend and the scent clung on to her hair so much better than it did mine.

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