Hurraw! Lip Balm Review

I found this little beauty in Planet Organic while browsing the beauty section looking for something to really moisturise my, then, chapped lips. I’m a sucker for smells and colours as much as the actual practicality of the product so I was immediately drawn to these colour rich incredibly fresh looking balms. Yes, I judged […]

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Food discovery: Five Guys

Okay okay, so I’m usually more into somewhat healthier or more culturally interesting foods but while down in London for a well overdue visit I gave in to “the hype” and had to try a Five Guys. People harp on about this place so much and I wanted to see what the fuss was about […]

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LUSH American Cream Review

American Cream is a staple hair product that many use religiously as part of their daily hair regimen. I believe the smell has a lot to do with this as it’s pretty damn delicious. It smells like powdered strawberry milkshake but is nowhere near as potent as other Lushies make out, at least I didn’t […]

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Babies on the brain

Bit of a personal rambling. One of my best friends is expecting. This is news that has affected me so much more than I thought it ever could – not just because I’m insanely happy for her but because it’s really changed how I feel about babies in general. I suppose to understand you would […]

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WeightWatchers Wonderings

As people may or may not know, I’m currently on a long and laborious weight loss journey. I’m reluctantly following the WeightWatchers plan to drop my first couple of stone and then I’ll probably work more on my fitness and health using regular old calorie and macro information. But until then, I’m on this “diet” […]

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LUSH Enzymic Roulade Review

I was really excited to try Lush’s Oxford Street exclusive shower roulades when I first spotted them amidst the washcards and shower jellies. A shower roulade is a regular Lush shower smoothie except they’ve ditched the tubs and rolled them up in a washsheet (paper made from soap!) which they then slice much like a […]

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Hello world

So I’ve decided to start a blog for all my beauty, product, fashion, food and general life musings so I can stop clogging up social media quite so much. I’ve also always been a sucker for typing on an actual keyboard rather than the fiddly touch screen of my phone – I suspect this significantly lowers […]

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